Geared towards children with special needs, activity boards helps patients to identify with activites that are important to their daily lives. It keeps the users attention while improving their small muscle control.
Available with lace, buttons, buckles, zipper and velcro.




Balancing boards are ideal tools for training of the proprioceptive system. Balance training automatically re-educate the sensory-motor system thus improving sub cortical postural responses. Balance training is indicated for anyone recovering from acute lower extremity injuries such as a sprained ankle or knee ligament injury. The Orchid PhysioTM Balancing tilt boards along with its unmatched quality comes with a special finishing and a safe non-slip surface.


A good exercise mat is the foundation for any kind of workout that makes contact with the floor. The Orchid PhysioTM 3 fold Exercise Mat is very comfortable for controlled movements and exercises. Its special and durable foam creates a cushioned surface for your body. It comes with an exclusive carry bag for easy Carry.


Clinically designed for muscle injuries, pulled muscles and circulation difficulties. Made of the finest neoprene and cotton fabrics Orchid PhysioTM sports Nurse are a major support in physiotherapeutic treatment.


Available in a variety of weights and sizes.