Made of best quality teakwood unit with steps, with malamyne polish for long life and durability





Consists of a teakwood base and two movable boards, which can be set at various angles, Permits bed patients to do quadricep exercise.


A set of 5 chrome plated metallic spring each of different size and resistance. The resistance gradually increases from the spring marked ”1” to marked “5”. Used specially for opponent muscles of thumb and for individual or group exercise of fingers.


A bright chrome plated rectangular frame encompasses six chrome plated springs for finger grip strengthening. The springs are detachable thus making progressive resisted exercise possible. Removing the springs decreases the resistance level and inserting them increase the resistance level.


This hand gym board consists of two vertical slotted pegs, thumbs resting peg, resistance springs, finger disc, fiber roller and 5 pegs of different diameters and weight. In addition to above parts it has got 5 chrome plated springs center knob. (Each of these springs have different resistence).The patient has to press the springs. When he presses the springs the centre knob goes auto the wooden box upto the extend of the strength applied by the patient. Board can be used for assessing fingers and hand strength, and for finger flexion assessment.